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Is there a way to find out the other item to every relation?

Question asked by Aaron Zheng on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by Kevin Chandler

Still trying to figure out sketching in SOLIDWORKS 2016.


Usually, when I encounter an error related to sketching in SOLIDWORKS, such as over defining, I will either open up error diagnostics, to get the software itself to help me find the problem, or look at the relations that are causing the error, and manually choose some to delete/edit.


However, something I find rather inconvenient, sometimes, in SOLIDWORKS is that often, when I find a specific relation of a sketch item, I don't know what that other item is that also make up that specific relation. For instance, when I click on a point, I see that the point has, say a "Coincident12" relation. However, SOLIDWORKS doesn't tell me what exactly the point is Coincident to. This is especially a problem when the relationship is between points or sketch items from another sketch or when an error arises where the sketch or feature doesn't seem to make much sense to me.


All in all, is there an easy way to find the other item to every sketch relation?


(P.S Here is the foot part I am working on. I need to expand the distance between the holes of the motor by several millimetres. However, I noticed that one of my boss-extrude features doesn't seem to obey the sketch relations that define it. Hence, I asked this question. Forgive me if this seems like too much of a beginner question.)