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Is there a keystroke to scroll Back to where I was in the FM tree? Similar to Ctrl+Shift+Z in viewport orientation for last view

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Jul 17, 2019

I'm working primarily in assemblies, and installation is 2018 SP5. I'm adapting to the SSP method, where my SSP contains many reference entities to which I am mating components.


Even though I use extensively organized subfolder structure to minimize the components which I'm not working around at the time, I still am scrolling back and forth in the tree to select stable reference entities for mating. I avoid mating to faces, in favor of enhanced interchangeability across similar types of items, with various brands, sizes, and materials, by mating to identically named reference entities instead.


I'm looking for a command or keystroke to scroll in the FM tree "Back" to where it was before scrolling away towards the SSP at the top of the tree.


In the viewport views controls, this functionality exists as Ctrl+Shift+Z, which returns the viewport to its last view. It is like an Undo for either 3D mouse pan+zoom+rotate inputs or a mis-clicked primary view or Normal To.


Does something similar, like a "Back" navigation, exist for scrolling through a long feature manager assembly tree? Thank you.


I'm thinking that the easiest way would be to click on a component in viewport so that that component is highlighted and scrolled to in the tree, as long as I'm not in the middle of mating selections or other commands.