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SolidWorks Randomly Deactivating Licenses

Question asked by Bill Beard on Jul 16, 2019

Over the past two days, I have had to manually reactivate our SolidWorks licenses on our network server.  FlexLM is working fine, as we have another application also running on FlexLM.  Seems to happen at random times, I'm currently babysitting the License Manager, waiting for it to deactivate again.  Has anyone else experienced this issue, when it happens, I get the dialog box stating that it can't get any info from the license server.  Server logs only show when I reactivate the license server, and a user checks out a license.  I have to log on to the SNL server, and select SolidWorks License Manager, and I get a dialog box telling me to reactivate the licenses, I reactivate, and we're good for a while.  We're running SW2017 with the same FlexLM that came with SW2017.