Lars Digerud

Link one drawing sheet into another drawing

Discussion created by Lars Digerud on Jul 16, 2019



I have created multiply drawings with many sheets for several assemblies. However, I would now like to create two main drawings that contains specific sheets in the drawings for the different assemblies, so I can send one drawing to manufacturer X and another one for manufacturer Y with specific sheets. 



  • Masterfolder
    • Drawing X - Manufacturer X (Drawing contains sheets from Subdrawing A, B, C) 
    • Drawing Y - Manufacturer Y (Drawing contains sheets from Subdrawing A, B, C) 
    • Subfolder A
      • Subassembly A
      • Subdrawing A 
    • Subfolder B
      • Subassembly B
      • Subdrawing B
    • Subfolder C
      • Subassembly C
      • Subdrawing C


The idea is that the sheets in drawing X and Y, not only are copies, but are also linked to the specific sheets in the subdrawing A,B and C. So changes made in a sheet from subdrawing B will also be done in the same sheet in drawing X.