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Increase maximum simultaneous simulations in Flow

Question asked by David MacPherson on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Julien Boissat

I'm trying to run multiple simultaneous simulations in Solidworks Flow.  I have many remote machines that I want to use to solve different projects concurrently.  In the batch run window there is a drop down menu that controls the amount of simultaneous simulations: see below...I've seen in other versions this has the label "Maximum simultaneous run at this computer", I'm guessing it's missing due to a bug...


The problem I have is that this gives a maximum of two concurrent simulations.  I have plenty of hardware resource available and I would like to increase this number so I can run more simulations at once.  I have made this work, but only with two simulations at a time.  Is there a setting somewhere that will allow me to increase this?


I'm using SW Flow 2018 with service pack 5.


Thanks in advance!