Managing Multiple Wire-Cable Assemblies Together In A Product

Discussion created by 1-A56F1N on Apr 12, 2009

In an equipment product [like a medical X-ray machine] there are several subsystem equipment products that make up the system [Overhead tube crane, wall stand, table, generator, console, etc]. Each subsytem product has 5-50 cable or wire harness sub-assemblies. How can these multiple cable / wire assemblies in each equipment subsystem be managed as a group?
- How can you import the to/from list from Excel as a group of wire - cable subassemblies? In otherwords, has a field with the cable /wire assembly p/n it belongs to?
- How can you use a mulitple assembly "To/From List":, to initially create and then edit [many times] the cable / wire sub-assemblies in the SolidWorks subsystem assembly?