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Copying lights between scenes

Discussion created by Alexander Smith on Jul 15, 2019
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I'm having some difficulty and wonder if anyone can offer some insight.


I have a 2018 viz file with the scene of a table and some chairs. I have a few different table options so I saved-as and reimported a new table into the saved-as scene, so now I have two 'identical' scenes with two different tables in, in the same position in space. I then added some more lighting to the second scene and decided that I wanted to go back to the original scene and put that lighting in to. I wrote down all the coordinates and factors of the additional lights that I had put in to the second scene, went back into the first one and started to repopulate the lighting. Strangely it won't allow me to manually input the xyz, distance / dolly, longitude and latitude as they are in the other 'identical scene'. They seem to be all attached to each other, so I put in the xyz coordonates fine, then when I try to adjust the DD, long and lat, the xyx coordinates change. It is infuriating!!! you cant fix the xyz and then adjust the dd, long and lat without it messing up the xyz again.


Must be user error - usually is, so what am I doing wrong??


Thanks for your help.