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Allow all display states within all configurations?

Question asked by Michael Posner on Jul 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2019 by Michael Posner

I am currently working on a part that has multiple display states, multiple configurations, and one appearance for each display state.  When I edit the design table the appearance assigned to the display state that was active upon editing the design table overrides the appearance of all the other display states.  


In other words, the display states still exist, but they now all show the same appearance that was assigned to the previously active display state.  It does this for all configurations.


I then have to go back to my appearances dialog box and choose which display state each appearance will apply to.  Once I do this, everything works as expected (all display states are available from all configurations) but the problem reappears any time I reopen the design table, even if I do not edit anything.


This occurs even when I go to $DISPLAYSTATE column and change the selection to a display state that was not active when I reopened the design table.  When I exit the design table, all display states now show the same appearance as the one that was active when I opened the design table, irrespective of what I selected in the $DISPLAYSTATE column.


This occurs both when the appearance is assigned the part file and when the appearance is assigned to each individual body.


It also occurs even when I open the design table but exit without changing any values.


I do not have "Link Display states" selected.  


Is this expected behavior or am I missing something?


My desired behavior is that all display states retain the appearances that they had before opening the design table, and that each display state applies across all configurations.