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Macro: Save As Copy of Selected Part with Drawing then Change New Drawing Reference

Question asked by Ali Öztürk on Jul 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Ali Öztürk

Hi everybody,


I have some problems that explain in main tittle. 


Firstly i found title.. With this macro your part file save as copy with drawing but new drawing file reference is the same with old part. 


For example


Part Name: Part.sldprt

Drawing Name: Part.slddrw

Drawing Reference: Part.sldprt


When run macro, your file rename,


New Part Name: Part-1.sldprt

Drawing Name: Part-1.slddrw

Drawing Reference: Part.sldprt  


Drawing Reference is same with old version.


When ı search sth. about macro found a link, that Deepaks macro.

But i didn''t try yet , i couldn'T communicate with Deepak Gupta yet.. Maybe his macro change reference ı am not sure..


If anyone want to show picture i'll share..


I think everything clear about my question. Is there any macro about this situation.


Have a nice days


Thanks in advance