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Replacement tool for ToolBox Parts?

Question asked by Matt Juric on Jul 12, 2019

We are implementing a "New" ToolBox. It's really the same old toolbox copied and modified. When we open a legacy assembly and are going to re-release it for a new build we want to replace the fasteners with the fasteners from the new toolbox. So for instance if the assembly originally used SHCS from the DIN library we would like to replace the fasteners with the new TooBox parts and retain configuration information.


I know I can do this one fastener at a time and or multiples of the same fastener but is there any magical tool that would simply redirect all the fasteners in a file to the new toolbox while maintaining existing configuration information? IE an M8 x 20 from the DIN toolbox becomes an M8 X 20 from <NEW TOOLBOX>


A bit more information is that all the old data is still in the toolbox, just not visible. The new toolbox was copied from a fresh install using the ISO standard and then modified with new custom properties.