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    Help On Comoworks analysis please

    Chris Griffith
      Hi, I am building a catapult and want to do a stress analysis on it. When i pick the restraints and the forces and click "mesh and run" it says it failed. I don't understand why... If anyone has a little time to spare could you open my file and see if you can get it to work? Its a work in progress. adventually it will have springs (once i figure out how to do that..)

        • Help On Comoworks analysis please
          Ameer Chilakala

          while doing the assembly level analysis, we need to remove the interferences between the parts and we need to take some assumptions while doing the simulation i.e. the screws are used to maintain the bonded connection between the parts. while doing the analysis no need to model the screws, solidworks simulation automatically consider the bonded contact conditions between the parts.

          suppress the all screws, then you can try to mesh the assembly.
          • Help On Comoworks analysis please
            I assume the goal is to decide if the wood is strong enough?

            Then, I would follow these steps:
            Create a Configuration just for stress analysis.
            Suppress all hardware (screws, eyebolts, ball holder, stopping brace.
            Create a new study. Change default contact to "No penetration"
            Apply bolt connectors (use screw type) everywhere there used to be screws.
            Use a pin connector through the launcher arm (use one pin from one side mount to the launcher arm, and another from the other side mount to the launcher arm)
            Apply "link" connectors to "tie" the launcher arm down (prior to launching)
            Set restraints (fixed to the floor, I suppose)
            Set the spring force on the launcher arm, and set gravity, too.
            Mesh and run.
            Apply mesh control to things that fail to mesh when everything else is meshing okay.
            Check your stresses and factor of safety.