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Workgroup PDM File Exporter [Macro]

Discussion created by Daen Hendrickson on Jul 12, 2019
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I am sharing a macro I developed that exports NON-SolidWorks files from the WORKGROUP PDM Vault... Let me reiterate this is for Workgroup PDM (obsolete, no longer supported, end-of-life, etc.)


Others have created similar code. This is just my particular flavor of it. Maybe this will be useful for someone else.


What it does:

The macro opens a single user form that lets you log into the vault, choose the vault project of interest, the file type of interest, and the save location. This is intended to quickly extract NON-SolidWorks attached files (PDF, DXF, DOC, XLS, etc.). There are some additional options such as: include/ignore sub projects, include/ignore links, part number filter, save flat or nested.


The macro has an associated *.ini file to set up defaults. This ini file contains the name of the vault server, the names of the vault users, the file type extensions, and some form default preferences. The vault name and user data allows the user form to have that already populated.


This macro ONLY pulls current/latest revision files. There is no previous revision functionality.


Besides the default SolidWorks API references, this also requires the MS Office Object Library and the MS Excel Object Library - I was using versions 15.0 of those.


Within the vbaIniInterface module is a variable that contains the name of the ini file. If you change the name of the file you will need to update this variable to match.


As is typical, to launch the macro, run the sub main() routine in the vbaWPDMFileExporter module.


I am no coder - don't even play one on TV. MANY others pulled me out of the ditch in the development of this. Thank you to Mike Spens, Christian Chu, Artem Taturevych, and Steve Takata for the inspiration with his original export macro.


I think I have tested this pretty well... but this project has taken way longer than initially anticipated and the boss is wondering what I am working on. It would probably be much better rewritten in c# but the WPDM audience is rapidly shrinking. If you have problems, I am one of the LEAST qualified to help resolve...