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How do I disable the automatic bump-up in revision on check-in?

Question asked by Jesse Powers on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by Kenneth Barrentine

When I check a part in (SW 2017, SP5, Win10 x64, Solidworks Workgroup PDM**) that is already checked in, SW asks if I want to check in the "same" version anyway.  I click yes, and then is bumps up the revision in the table... (why.)


First this, then click the check box (to check in) at left:

Then, this message, click 'OK':

Then, it automatically bump the revision (from '-' to 'A', below)-- I do not want this:


How can I change this?  My coworkers say this does not happen to them-- they have to manually update the revision any time.


Thanks in advance!


** Switching over to PDM Standard very soon.  Not sure if there are settings for this in Standard, as well-- if I will have to change them.  Not even sure why it behaves this way to begin with.