Sohaib Imran

Problem in modeling truss system

Discussion created by Sohaib Imran on Jul 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by Frederick Law

Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing fine.

I have a very simple problem regarding modeling of truss system. Its a simple two bar truss that I want to model in solidworks, using weldments tool and then run analysis on it. Now I have two problems:

1. First problem that I am having is, my truss needs to be made of solid round bar, and weldments do not have solid round bar structural members by default. Now I am trying to create one but when I create the profile for my structural member that I want and save the .sldflp and then use it again in weldments it gives error saying that "Library feature is empty". So, in short I am unable to create any custom structural member.

2. In the picture attached of the truss, I want to know how can reflect exactly that no a 3D model using welments? I only have the data for the cross sectional areas x1 and x2 and the info in the picture. As you can see at point A and B, these are pin joints, which in terms are connected as fixed supports. So how do I simulate it in analysis? As one of the structural members has to be fixed otherwise the analysis will fail.

Please help!