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Question asked by Jonathan O'Connor on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by Jonathan O'Connor

I have modeled a small circular PCB and populated it with electronic components. I created an exploded view and animated it. It looks great; the exploded and collapse animations are smooth but, there are only 8 components. The animation flows through 8 seconds. I like it a lot!

I have also modeled another PCB that's 12 inches long and has 31 components mated to its surface the animation also flows over 8 seconds and, you guessed it, the components fly from their exploded positions down onto the surface at a frantic rate. I don't like it... a lot.

Is there a way to effect the length of the animation? Perhaps I could put the 31 component animation to 24 seconds. It would still be faster than the 8 component one but, sheesh, that's better than what I have right now.


Thanks in advance.:)