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Use your talents to solve design issues.

Question asked by James Adkins on Jul 12, 2019

Have you heard of Innocentive? It is a website where individuals or companies can post design challenges or needs that they may have and engineers, designers or inventors can submit their design concepts for meeting those needs. Each post typically includes the monetary offer that will be paid to the person who submits the best option.


If anyone has a possible interest in this opportunity, you can check out their site. Our Solvers | InnoCentive 

Additionally, if you have a design need, you can also post it and hopefully locate someone who can assist you.


Sometimes, finding the right person is the toughest part. I am confident that there are a lot of people here who will benefit from this. In case you are wondering, I have no connection to the site but know others who have sent in their ideas for consideration.
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