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Routing Component Creates Separate Pipe

Discussion created by Joan Madera on Jul 11, 2019
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I use Solidworks 2019.


I've been using Solidwork's routing feature for months now. I've learned to play around its peculiarities and create functioning custom route parts that clip on to a route and continue the established path. However, sometimes, Solidworks decides it doesn't want to work properly -and these are one of those times.


Here's an image of a custom part to which I've added cpoints and rpoints. When I snap my component onto a route, it creates a black line that hides under the main route. (See image) As a result, the component does not interact appropriately with other components; such as, when I "remove pipe" to join two components. I tried to attach the offending route path in a pack & go zip file but it was too large. Instead, I'm attaching the route component. Please advise with what I'm doing wrong to create this component and try using it in your own route to see if it acts up.



P.S. I've also tried using the component wizard to have Solidworks prepare the part for me. That still didn't fix the problem. The component I've attached was created manually. The method I used always worked with other parts.