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Flow Simulation with No Flow Solving Needed

Question asked by John Fitch on Jul 10, 2019

Flow Simulation with NO fluid solving

I have a simple assembly and want to look at heat transfer within.

I know the external surfaces will lose heat at 12 w/m2k, external flow solution needed

There is a small internal cavity with air, but it's so small that conduction is all that internal flow solution needed.  I define a part for that air space, and apply the 'solid' properties of air.

In general settings I specify internal flow solution, and turn on conduction in solids.

The computational domain properly locks coincident with the orthogonal external surfaces.


Now my troubles begin.


I can't assign the external faces and apply 12 w/m2k.  I suspect this is because the computational domain is coincident, because if I run an external flow solution, and the computational domain is external of these surfaces, I can pick the surfaces and assign an h.   Not always BTW.


If I avoid any external BCs, the tool then complains about leaks.  This is interesting since everything inside the computational domain is a solid as I've defined it.  Even the air is just a solid with air's thermal conductivity.


I know this is a fluid solving tool, but shouldn't we be able to 'turn off momentum' equations in the solver?

Can SW Flow Simulation be used for conduction and radiation only problems?