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Lofted Bend Troubles

Question asked by Caleb Foster on Jul 11, 2019



I am currently working on an attempt at designing a boat hull in SW18 which will be made from aluminum sheetmetal. I found an informative YouTube video (2010 05 10 11 39 Jet Boat Recording - YouTube ) which uses 3DSketch Splines between guide profiles and then lofted bends between the splines. I believe the video producer is using SW14. My problem comes when I build my guiding 2D profiles and then 3DSketch Splines across those profiles, the lofted bend feature will not let me connect them stating the "only lines and arcs may be used to create lofted bends." I attempted to trace the spline with 3 point arcs and lines after to try for a workaround, and am still getting the same error. Is there anyway to accomplish this using sheetmetal tools since I need exported DXF files for a laser cut piece?


Attached is my attempt with 3D splines before the lofted bend command.


Has SW progressed to be "smarter" and no longer allow curved splines to be lofted bent like in the video or am I missing some key element here?


Thanks for all the help,