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PDM Pro Administration (ConisioAdmin.exe) GDI Object Critically Low

Question asked by Kyle Blough on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Harith Alnajjar



I am seeking help to figure out why the Administration tool keeps running out of GDI Objects.  I am not running Solidworks in the background, I have changed my max GDI limits through regedit, and double checked my virtual memory limits.  Essentially, everything I have read, I have tried.


When I am in the administration tool (Professional) working on our work flow and group rights, after about a hour to two hours of work, I start to run out of GDI Objects.  The only fix is to close the administration tool and reopen it.  Closing explorer and Solidworks does not fix the GDI objects. 


Is anyone else having this issue and or know how to fix this?


Pdm Professional Version:

PC - 2019 SP3

Server - 2019 SP2







Kyle Blough