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  Question regarding file opening

Question asked by Arvind Ghonmode on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Taylor Duran

I am facing problem described below:


All files are opening from old folder without any problem. When I copy that old folder and save to other folder and update drawing/models, then it ask for missing files which actually not missed.


Then what I did, I renamed file that ask for. And again try to open, then it ask, file ID is not matching.


I didn’t deleted or removed any files.


It happened for solidwork 2017 and solidwork 2019. I checked in three systems. Two of them show same thing but files open in third system without any problem.


I don’t know how that files open in one PC not in another PCs. All references files are okay.


In my system, I removed solidwork and again reinstalled. Then also showing same thing.


This problem happened in my two projects. We are not able to find exact reason for this.


It is interesting that all files open from old folder but not from new folder.


Can anyone help on this issue?