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Create Mil-Spec MS numbers in Toolbox

Discussion created by Alessandro Frattini on Apr 10, 2009

Christopher Swallows wrote:


I currently don't use toolbox for my hardware. Being that I work for a Defense Contractor, I'm required to use mil-spec hardware for all applications. I did notice that there is a MIL feature in the toolbox. But It looks like I have to manually type my MS part numbers one at a time. Can somebody tell me if there is a easier way to do this?

See in the help :
Exporting and Importing a Configuration List

You can export a configuration list to a Microsoft® Excel file, type part numbers in the file, and then import the edited file into SolidWorks Toolbox.
To export and import a configuration list:

On the 2 - Customize Hardware page, select an individual fastener.
Follow the steps in Customizing Hardware to add custom properties and reduce the length of the configuration list.
At the upper right of the configuration list, click Import/Export and select Export Data.
Select a location for the spreadsheet file and click OK.
In Microsoft Excel, open the spreadsheet.
In the row for each configuration, type part numbers, descriptions, and comments in the appropriate columns.
Do not change other values or add columns. The other property values must not change for the import to succeed.

Save and close the spreadsheet.
In SolidWorks Toolbox, on the Customize Hardware page, click Import/Export and select Import Data.
Browse to the spreadsheet file and click OK.