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Question asked by Dave Nall on Jul 8, 2019



I am in the long and tedious process of creating a viable Routing Library with Swagelok parts.  I do a couple dozen or so a day adding the custom property info I will want and the Connection Points and Routing Points.  I also throw in a Mate Reference for those who may not use the part in Routing so it behaves like a Toolbox component.


I then save the part and change the properties to READ ONLY within the Windows File Folder to prevent users from over-writing anything.  Our silly company still refuses to move to PDM.


What I have discovered is that when I go back, some, not all, grey out (SUPPRESS) the mate ref and all the Routing points....automatically.  This is some error/bug I have not seen before and I am curious if there is an issue not saving the route before creating the mate reference, or some other CLICK+CLICK order that needs addressing.  Or any workaround someone might know of that solves this.  I do not want to create hundreds of Library files only to have 1 in 10 suppress the routing info so when you're in the Route you discover the fitting you want won't add correctly.


Insight appreciated!   


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