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modelmania2006 using revolve error and prefer a good explanation.

Question asked by Sm Asif Tasfiq on Jul 9, 2019

I was trying to do the part of modelmania 2006 (photo 1) and I was using revolve cut instead of sweep cut.

Solidworks gives a rebuild error "sketch is open, self-intersecting, or intersect the centerline."

Can someone tell me what this error means?

1) "sketch is open"- the sketch is definitely not open, that's for sure.

2) "self-intersecting"- is it the arc profile and the vertical line? it doesn't look like that. (photo-2)

3)"  intersect the centerline"- wth does this means- it can definitely be used when making semisphere revolve cut or other situation. (photo 3 shows the centerline intersect/coincident with the revolve cut profile near the red mark.)


Also if I use that profile shown in photo 3, Revolve cut works just fine. Can someone tell me why the revolve profile in photo 3 works but not the one in photo 2?

I am expecting an explanation for avoiding future mistake. Thank you

photo 2 error