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Weldments Members Splitting into multiple members

Question asked by Micah Sieglaff on Jul 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2019 by Joel Gilbert

I add members that have bends in them using weldments. I will create a new group and click on all the line segments that make up one member. However, when I try and run a simulation, the one member is split into two or three solid bodies, and always splits at the bend in the tube. How to I get a selected group of lines/arcs to stay as one member? I have tried selecting "merge arc segment bodies" when I add a member, but it still does not fix the problem.


For example, below you have the member that runs horizontally across the frame (The blue part and the gray part that extends from it). This should be one, long, member, but for some reason it is splitting where the blue part meets the gray part.



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