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Can Detail View circle on main part be a phantom line?

Question asked by Jason Tanski on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by Jeremiah Feist

I am currently making a SolidWorks drawing template for my company. We currently use AutoCad LT which is just a 2d space where we can format everything to how we like it. We would like both formats to look as close as possible and in doing so we would like the detail circle on the part to be a phantom line. 

In the document settings i see where i can change the type of line to phantom under circle and border but those just change the outline and border of the view that was created. 


I was wondering if there is away way to make the detail circle that the user creates on the main part into a phantom line. or does SolidWorks require it to be a solid line for its generation of the detail view. 


Any clarification on this would help us greatly in determining how we would like the detail view outlines to look.