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online licensing / PDM task add in

Question asked by Bernhard Conrad on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by Kadircan Abali

We have a problem here related to Online licensing and PDM task add in. (alle Software is Solidworks 2019 SP3).

The Solidworks license is set to online licensing and works fine under normal conditions.

We are running PDM profesisonal with the Task add in. The task add in is configured to run the task on the machine where it has been initiated.

We create a couple of exports from a file with the task add in during a workflow transition.  During this, Solidworks starts another instance of the application to run the expoerts requested by the task add in. 

From time to time (lets say 50% of the actions) online licensing fails during this export.

It seems that the second Solidworks instance "captures" the online licesing for the tasks, the primary Solidworks instance gets its License deactivated and the operator is forced to cancel his work.


This behaviour is strange and hard to accept. 

Is there a workaround ? I'd love to run the task add in on the server side, but unfortunately this required a separate SWX license just for the server. 

Another workaround would be to allow the user to decide if a second instance should be started or if the primary instance can execute the tasks.