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Need insight on the usefullness of PDM for our workflow/process

Question asked by Josh Leedle on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by Andrew Schutte

I am looking into options for automating our data management and naming conventions for our design and engineering teams.  However, after attending several podcasts and events on several PDM/PLM packages I am not sure if they will provide the benefits we are looking for.  So anyone with actual realworld use of PDM, based on what we want below what are your thoughts?  Thank you.


What we need to prove an ROI on the cost to implement:

  • A system that will allow us to create a new project and have it auto populate the program with a defined folder structure
  • A system that will auto-name files based on the given file name and the folder location being saved to
  • Ability to check in and out files to prevent over writing versions
  • Ability to maintain the latest versions are being processed.


Files from all of these programs need to be managed: (order of importance and volume of files)

  1. Adobe Sketchbook Pro
  2. SolidWorks
  3. Abaqus and other SIMULA applications
  4. Keyshot setup files
  5. Keyshot custom material libraries
  6. Material characterization data for moldflow and FEA
  7. Autodesk Mold Flow
  8. NX
  9. Fusion 360
  10. Material Data Sheets (PDF)


What we do:

We are an internal Industrial Design and Engineering consultancy within a large corporation.  We offer product design, engineering and simulation assistance to customers of our various business units.  We have individual contributors working in 3 domestic as well as 2 overseas locations.