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Leading Edge Serrations

Question asked by Mary Punnoose on Jul 4, 2019

Hello everyone, I've been trying to model aerofoil with serrations; a leading edge with sinusoidal serration and trailing edge with saw tooth serration.

I have tried to model the L.E model and would like to have your opinions about the rightness of the steps used and how can I improvise it. I've mentioned a brief description of the aim to be achieved and steps.


Aim: The aim is to test a NACA 0012 aerofoil with L.E and T.E serrations for its aerodynamic performance. Aerodynamic parameters will be analysed and compared at several angles of attack at a fixed velocity but with different number of serrations.



1. Front Plane - Curve through xyz(imported naca0012 co-ordinates) - convert entities - closed T.E (extend T.E + trim)

2. Copied the same onto another plane at 0.50m dist apart

3. 3D sketch - equation driven curve between both planes to generate sinusoidal profile.


4. Lofted Boss/Base -  Profile : sketch on both planes

                                    Guide Curve : sinusoidal spline

                                    Guide curve influence type : "To next sharp"