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Phantom lines in detail view

Question asked by Matthijs Van Daele on Jul 4, 2019


I have a detail view of a broken out section in an assembly drawing. I don't know if "phantom lines" are the correct term, but on the detail view, there are some lines that aren't visible on the broken out section and I don't know why they are there, because there are no edges. I also can't select these lines. To be clear: the 3 lines around the set set screw on the second picture shouldn't appear.

Then there's another thing: the line thickness of the broken out section can't be changed with the line thickness selection button. The line thickness stays the same, even if I change it to 0.18 or 2 mm.


(SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP 0.0)


broken out section view

detail view

I need to get rid of these lines, any solutions? Thanks.


EDIT: updating drivers didn't solve this.