Rob Podell

CosmoFloWorks Crashes again and again and again

Discussion created by Rob Podell on Apr 10, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2009 by Bill McEachern
Hey all. I am trying to evaluate some aerodynamic modifications I've done to a Volvo 780 Tractor Trailer. I have crude models of it already done, both in stock form and in "improved" form. I am familiar with CosmoFloXpress, but the only place I have access to a full version of CosmoFloWorks is at school, on a school computer.

Now, first thing, whenever I ran the test, I would get an error code 3, unable to create directory. I had the help desk sign in with full admin privs, which allowed me to run Xpress. But in FloWorks, when I click on wizard, I am able to select the Units (second screen), and then it crashes on the next screen, where I would be able to choose fluids, internal/external. Again and again it crashes during this part of the wizard, without fail.

Are there any work arounds? What could be causing this?