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Dimension changes slower

Question asked by Chung Koo Kim on Jul 3, 2019
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I think I know most of the key things to improve Solidworks speed (SSD, Graphics card memory, Windows / Solidworks option setting for high performance, etc.). In my current desktop, all things work acceptably fast but one thing - changing dimension. Not extremely but significantly slow when I want to change dimensions particularly. The dimension revision windows shows up a bit slow, I feel some delay when I type in each digit, etc. Which HW and/or SW settings will I need to check and test? Below is my PC configuration FYI. I don't feel sluggishness in other area of computer usage (Internet, Office, etc.). Quite annoying. Thanks in advance.


CPU : Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz

Memory : 32GB (DDR3-2400MHz / PC3-19200, 8GB x4)

Primary HDD : Samsung 850EVO SATA III 500GB SSD

OS : Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Service Pack 1

Monitor : 24" LCD x2

Video card : NVidia Quadro K2000 2GB GDDR5