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Using SOLIDWORKS Composer: Lesson 13 - Questions!

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Jul 3, 2019
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So I am trying to follow along with Lesson 13 in Using SOLIDWORKS Composer manual. The problem I am having is that when I view the PDF file in Step 3 and click the image SOLIDWORKS Composer Player does not start up inside the PDF file.


I realized that I skipped Step 1 "Copy the plug-in files to the proper location." The instructions say

"The installation program installs the plug-in files composerplayercontrol.dll and composerplayerreader.api into the folder <SOLIDWORKS_Composer_install_dir>\Plugins\Acrobat\Reader\Plug_Ins.

For Adobe Reader, you must copy these files to the folder <Reader_install_dir>\plug_ins.

For Adobe Acrobat, you must copy these files to the folder <Acrobat_install_dir>\plug_ins."


Which is not enough of an explanation for me. Where are these plug-in folders located? How do I find them? 

The files are not located in the ...\Lesson 13\Case Study folder so I am lost as to where I should look for these.

So far the manual has been very good at telling me exactly where to find the files I need. Writing out the whole address C:\SOLIDWORKS Training Files\Using SOLIDWORKS Composer\Lesson13\CaseStudy.

What does <SOLIDWORKS_Composer_install_dir> mean? What does <Reader_install_dir> mean?


Prior to Step 1 the manual says

"To view PDF files containing SOLIDWORKS Composer SMG enhanced content, you need the Adobe Acrobat plug-in for SOLIDWORKS Composer files. The plug-in is automatically installed with SOLIDWORKS Composer or SOLIDWORKS Composer Player. If you want to share your PDF with a colleague, you can ask then to install the free SOLIDWORKS Composer Player or provide the plug-in files to them. The plug-in works with either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader version 7.0.7 or later."


The bold text makes me think that the plug-in should already be installed on my computer and I should not have to copy anything anywhere. Which is why I skipped it in originally. Why do I have to copy files?


Does this make sense to anyone?? What am I missing?