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SolidWorks/Simulation Meshed Assembly Exported to ABAQUS .INP File

Question asked by John Burkhardt on Jul 3, 2019



I am attempting to export a meshed assembly from SolidWorks/Simulation to an ABAQUS .INP text file. To test this I've created an assembly composed of four instances of a single part, each with an individual material type (Assembly.JPG). After creating a Static Study I mesh the entire assembly using the Simulation/Mesh/Create... menu option (Mesh.JPG). Once meshed I export it using the Simulation/Export menu option choosing the ABAQUS .INP filetype. The problem is that the resulting ABAQUS input file (tester2.INP) looks wrong. From what I can tell it only contains two parts and one instance. I expect a different outcome.


Does anyone have experience using this functionality? Does anyone have an idea how to correct the problem?