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Sketch on face and use the face center coordinates

Question asked by Thomas Ormandi on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2019 by Thomas Ormandi

Dear Community,

I would like to create a VBA macro, which is partly already working. I can select a face in my part by a mouse selection.

I already searched for the solution to get a selected faces center point coordinates. I would like to create a sketch with CreateCenterRectangle with the center point of the selected face.

The problem is that I cant really get the center point coordinates.

selected face

I tried with this code:

Public Function getFaceCenter()
Set swFace = swModel.SelectionManager.GetSelectedObject6(1, -1)
GetFaceCenterParameters swFace, vPt, vNorm
End Function

Public Function GetFaceCenterParameters(face As SldWorks.Face2, ByRef point As Variant, ByRef normal As Variant)
vUvBounds = face.GetUVBounds
centerU = (vUvBounds(0) + vUvBounds(1)) / 2
centerV = (vUvBounds(2) + vUvBounds(3)) / 2
Set swSurf = face.GetSurface
vEvalRes = swSurf.Evaluate(centerU, centerV, 0, 0)
dPoint(0) = vEvalRes(0)
dPoint(1) = vEvalRes(1)
dPoint(2) = vEvalRes(2)
dNormal(0) = vEvalRes(3)
dNormal(1) = vEvalRes(4)
dNormal(2) = vEvalRes(5)
point = dPoint
normal = dNormal
End Function

Then I put the coordinates here:

vSkLines = Part.SketchManager.CreateCenterRectangle(vPt(0), vPt(1), vPt(2), ....

If I'm correct, then the CreateCenterRectangles first three coordinates are the center point.

I already tried to use a coordinate transformation, but I dont really understand it and it didnt worked as well.

Tried it with this:

Set swMathUtil = swApp.GetMathUtility
Set swMathPoint = swMathUtil.CreatePoint(vPtArr)
Set Sketch = swModelDoc.GetActiveSketch2
Set ModelToSketchTransform = Sketch.ModelToSketchTransform
Set swMathPoint = swMathPoint.MultiplyTransform(ModelToSketchTransform)
Dim vModelSelPt As Variant
vModelSelPt = swMathPoint.ArrayData

Tried it with the ModelToSketchTransform.Invert too.

If I put centroid coordinates manually from the evaluation it wont be in the center too.

I would really appriciate your help.

Thank you very much in advance.