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Broken out Section View - Only include selected

Question asked by Charlie Boushek on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by David Matula

Hey all, I am trying to find a good way to 'exclude' 95% of my parts in a broken out section view. It would be easy if I were able to select only the components that I would like to INCLUDE in my section cut. Is there any way this is easily done?


My scenario is a building drawing. The building has joists in the ceiling and there are components running through the joists. From the top view, the joists make the drawing hard to read and much too 'busy'. I need to create a broken out section view (or something that gives the same results) but only cut the joists, not the other components in the joists. 



So far I have done this without a 'broken out section view' at all by doing an assembly cut on a new configuration however any edges/surfaces/components that have mate references etc that get cutaway result in errors on rebuild because that geometry is no longer present.


My issue with the broken out section view is that I need to Deselect all but a couple parts. If my assembly only included a handful of parts this wouldn't be so bad but I have hundreds of fasteners and other parts that need to be excluded. 


Again, if I could simply select the components to INCLUDE instead of EXCLUDE, this would work perfectly.