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Delete System Generated PDF's for WorkGroup PDM to PDM Professional migration

Question asked by Nick Tzallas on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2019 by Nick Tzallas

Currently Using:

Solidworks 2016 SP 5.0

WorkgroupPDM SP 0.1


Migrating to:

Solidworks 2019 (latest SP at go-live)

PDM Professional (Latest SP at go-live)


In the build up to preparing for the migration the VAR has run a couple of migration tests and setup a test vault in PDM Pro to poke and prod and beta test things. All well and good.


Now, with regards to the old WorkGroup PDM, since the feature was introduced, the below check box has been enabled in the Vault Admin settings.

Basically resulting in a PDF of checked-in drawings being auto-generated and available for quick-view from any logged in user. These PDF's are not directly accessible by the user and lie in the reference files in the vault data, server-side. All well and good; expected and intended behaviour. see below image for confirmation



Below image shows how the PDF exists in the WorkGroup PDM server. Not visible/accessible to users. This is where the "View Document PDF" contextual menu in the above image, pulls the file from to display a PDF of the drawing to the user.

One of the processes of migration to PDM Professional, is the VAR using the migration tool. In this case it is even more critical because of the vast difference in the programme and SQL from ancient/defunct Workgroup PDM to new PDM Professional.


Test migration has  gone ahead smoothly, one of the issues we have noticed is that the migration tool brings along all the CAD data (that's fine) but also brings along all those auto-generated pdf's from WorkGroup as well and puts them in the vault in the same project folder as separate and independent, un-referenced files. See image below for example:



As you can imagine there are thousands of drawings and therefore there are equally thousands of PDF's like this, ported over as well. This will be a real trial to clean up and get rid of (assuming script won't do the job) and cause confusion to viewers when we go-live and until said clean up is down. (no time is allotted for pre-go-live clean up)


What I am trying to figure out is a way to not include those PDF's so the migration tool does not pick them up and therefore would not port them over and save us a lot of hassle.


There is no option/check box to NOT include PDF's in the migration tool settings as per our VAR.


I was wondering if there is a way to prepare the old WorkGroup vault by deleting the auto-generated PDF's and then performing the migration so there are no PDF's to pick-up in the first place.


Does anyone think it is as simple as un-checking the "Create PDF files in the vault on normal check in.." and then running something from the SolidWorks Task Scheduler on the server to get this to work?


i.e. un-check "create PDF's" > run scheduled task(?) > PDF's are deleted server-side > proceed with migration to PDM Pro > no PDF's being ported over


Or any other simple suggestion would be greatly appreciated


Thank you