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Configuring PDM Standard 2016 to work from home

Question asked by Mariusz Maci?g on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by Pistone Luigi


I was using Solidworks Workgroup PDM 2015. I set it all to work from office and from outside.

I was able to connect to PDM form home by only opening and redirecting ports 20000, 30000, 40000 and 3030

to sepcified IP in LAN where PDM server is. Now I moved to Solidworks Standard PDM 2016 and set it all in office (its on the same PC where workgroup PDM was) but I can't connect from outside network.

I could create Local view on my home machine - license server was found, and vault was found.

But I can't login - can't find database. In sql server configuration manager on pdm server PC in network protocols I set TCP port to 1434 and of course redirected it on router to specific LAN IP.

But still not working.

Do I have to create VPN connection to pdm server or can it work on opening and redirecting ports only ?