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Costing (ASM) makes SW crash - creates thousands of TEMP-files!!!

Question asked by Peter Larsen on Jul 1, 2019



When working with ASMs and sub-ASMs in Costing, I too often experience that when a sub-ASM is calculated, saved & closed and the parent ASM appears, the following happens:

  1. TEMP Costing Template files are continously being created here:  C:\Users\peter.larsen\AppData\Local\Temp   and you cannot use Costing while this happens (see attached picture):
    1. Sometimes it never stops creating the files and you need to close SW.
    2. Trying to close Costing often crashes SW.
    3. Sometimes the creation of TEMP files stops and you can work in Costing again.
  2. The CostingPane stays on the calculation for the sub-ASM and does not change to the parent ASM (re-start Costing or SW is needed)
  3. SW just crashes instantly.



Any feedback is highly appreciated since I am under pressure finding a way to automatically accumulate costs on ASM-level. We only use fixed figures as Custom Operations (weld, paint etc.) so it is pretty simple setup we have.

At this point Sheetmetal works ok in Costing.


I have been testing SW Costing for months now in sheetmetal and ASM environment.

I have found numerous bugs (-> SPR) but always been able to work around them most of the time.


In the test enviroment I have tried the following:

  1. CAD-files and own/original Costing Templates saved locally on C-drive (not PDM).
  2. All add-ins turned off.
  3. Clean install of SW 2019 SP3.
  4. The same happens in SW 2017-2018-2019.