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Question asked by Bode Swango on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by Michael Buchli

I am new to Solidworks CAM, but I have a project at work where we are trying to implement the Solidworks CAM add-on for some tools we make. This is the tool that they want to test it on:

This is an assembly file to best represent a carbide tipped cutter. The gray part is the steel and the green part is the carbide. Right now I am just trying to CAM the steel:

I have set up the tool crib with a dovetail, keyseat and a few endmills the last attempt. The first time I just had a dovetail and keyseat cutter and it added an endmill. It always wants to use an endmill; never the dovetail or keyseat that it is supposed to use. I have always used Extract Machinable Features since that is what I have seen in all the videos I have watched.


I've attached the .prt file. Any help on how to CAM it would be much appreciated.


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