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switching between assembly and features in top down assembling

Question asked by Robert Gillis on Jul 1, 2019
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I am trying to learn to design using the Top-Down method.  There is an example in the book "Solidworks 2018 Advanced Techniques" that I used to make a vise.  I made the vise, but there were times I found it difficult to be in the environment I wanted to be in.  As you must be familiar with, you have to design while in the assembly mode.  When I tried designing a new part, I sometime found myself in the assembly mode, which didn't have a Feature tab showing that would allow me to modify the part I was trying to create.  To solve this problem, I would back out and start again. After doing to over and over again I was able to stumble into the environment I needed to make my parts but I didn't know what changed that allowed me to do this.  There must be some way of switching between assembly and feature modes while still being in the assembly environment to meet the needs of the design process.  Does anyone have a good idea to do this?