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Use 'opposite hand version' for mirrored part in assembly feature?

Question asked by Lauritz Berg on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by Lauritz Berg

Can I use the opposite hand version again within the assembly mirror feature?


I mirror part x within an assembly and create an opposite hand version y of that part. Y does get a new name and is a new file - so basically a derived version of x.


After inserting part x into another assembly I am not able to chose part y again if I use the mirror feature within this new assembly. The only option is to make another part derived from part x.

The same problem appears, if I use multiple parts of x in an assembly and I want to mirror them. I am not able to replace the mirrored component with the new part or chose the already mirrored part.


The only workaround is to either create a new configuration within the same part and change the configuration of the mirrored part within the assembly feature (with that I do lose the new part no. for that part)




Insert the mirrored part manually.


Both options are not perfect. Is there a best practice for this situation or am I missing something?