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Importing PLC I/O's from excel (one-step process)

Question asked by Carter Luedtke on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by Daniel Myers

I am trying to create a one-step process in SolidWorks Electrical to import PLC Input and Outputs from an excel spreadsheet. I am quite familiar with the Import/Export tool in SWE and the Excel Automation tool (using PLC Macros), but I am essentially trying to input all of the necessary PLC I/O's into the PLC manager as well as assigning them to a PLC from excel and Generate the Drawings that way to place throughout the various schematics. The way I found to make it a bit easier is to create macros from commonly used PLC's, use them in the Excel automation tool to create multiple sheets and place them accordingly, then Export the PLC.xls template (Under Export to Excel) and modifying the fields in the template and then importing the corrections in SWE. Is there a way to simplify this, ironically, "simplification process?" 


Note: I have tried just putting all the required fields in the template I created for PLC I/O's (under configurations) and just simply importing it that way, but it seems Solidworks needs to export the reports first and then change the already defined subfields. I just want to import from an excel sheet exclusively, no export. 


I would appreciate the help, Thank You!