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Weldment BOM Manipulation to Show Raw Material

Question asked by Donald Christensen on Jun 28, 2019

I am fairly new to weldment BOMs, and I was wondering if there is a way to tell the system the size of material that is available. For example, I used the weldment tools to make a part and put six of them in an assembly to see if SolidWorks would tell me how many pieces of the raw material I would need to buy.


When I did the indented BOM with the Detailed Cut List selected I got this:


When I deselected the Detailed Cut List I got the length of one of the weldment parts in the <As Machined> configuration (which is an issue in itself because the As Machined configuration has the part being bent while the As Welded configuration does not).


Is it possible to manipulate the values of the weldment BOM to tell me: 'In order to make 6 of these parts that are 235" (As Welded length), you need to buy 3 40 foot sticks of 12x4x0.375 rectangular tube, which will leave 3 pieces of drop each measuring 5 inches (minus loss due to the cut thickness)'.

Taking it a step further, the drawing below is a rough representation of the part I have in mind. One end of the part has a 45 degree cut, so we utilize that cut as a common cut to save almost a foot of the material as shown. Is there any way the have SolidWorks also recognize that ability?