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How does something get marked "Assumed Answered"?

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by Dennis Dohogne

I have seen several questions in the main area that have been marked answered.  When I open the thread the "answer" is immediately below the OP, but only if the original poster marked that reply as the correct one.  When a question has been marked as "assumed answered" there is no single post marked as the correct answer.  That's issue number one.


Issue number two is how this even happens.  Who has the authority/capability to mark a post as "assumed answered"?  Is it a moderator?


Part of the power of this forum is having good questions asked and answered.  That helps newbies as well as veterans.  However, when the post is marked "assumed answered" we have to wade through the whole post to try to figure out what the aggregated answer is!  At least when the original poster marks a question as answered that answer is brought to the top and it saves us a lot of unnecessary surfing of the thread, plus it leaves no doubt what the answer is.  The "assumed answered" threads sometimes leave me scratching my head as to what the answer is supposed to be.


If the "assumed answered" is performed by a moderator then I request the following:

1. Write a reply to the post that succinctly states the answer.

2. Use your power as moderator to mark it as answered so it appears just below the OP.  If you can do this with the "assumed answered" answered response you wrote then that is fine, too, because that would tell us that you and not the original poster decided what the answer is.


This is just a little bit of common courtesy I am asking for.  You, the moderator(s), can even implement this new protocol with this post!