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Re-Jog Ordinate does screwy things

Question asked by Jonathan O'Connor on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by Jonathan O'Connor

I am using SW2018 w/ SP 3.0.

I have an approx 39 in long extrusion with 68 ordinate dimension points along its length. I have used two images of the same part so that I don't completely loose detail of the individual points. I have put a "break" into each of them and placed the first half over the second half. I selected Horizontal Ordinate dimension and proceded to select each point down the line. When I finished with the first (upper) half, I right clicked on one of those dimensions and selected "Re-Jog Ordinate". This worked flawlessly and so I restarted the ordinate dimensioning on the second (lower) half of the extrusion. This became a "Cat-Ass-Trophy" in just a short time for, when I had finished selecting all the points and then selected "Re-Jog Ordinate" it clumped them all over to the right hand side. Now, they were, in fact jogged. but their offset from each other was messed up. Any help with root-cause analysis would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance