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Views not automatically centering.  Why?

Question asked by Chris Sargent on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Jim Wilkinson

This is beginning to drive me crazy.  When I switch between named views my model will center in the window as it should.  When I click to start a sketch or created a feature Solidworks is not centering my model in the window.  Solidworks throws it to some random place on the screen.  In this pic I selected a feature and choose edit sketch.  When I clicked on to the "Normal to" button to orientate my view window to the sketch.  Solidworks moves my origin down to the bottom of the screen.  What could be possibly causing this problem.  Solidworks is doing this on all my model.  Not just this one model.  It's beginning to drive my crazy.  I'm using 2018 Solidworks.  There are no stragglers that could possible shift the view and cause it not to center.