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How to taper a part with rounded neutral plane?

Question asked by Justin Weber on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Carrie Ives

Hi all,


I'm new to Solidworks and I'm trying to taper the part shown below using the "draft feature" so that the height on the left side maintains its original height of 0.145 inches and the right is gradually decreased to 0.055 inches. I worked this out and found the angle needed given the length of my part to be 1.8676 degrees. I believe that I need to select one of the two sides as my neutral plane and the top face as my face to draft but Solidworks will not allow me to select the rounded outsides as my neutral plane. Any ideas on how best to get around this? The second image below shows my desired end point with everything under the red triangle removed. Also, if my views are not clear my part is attached as well.









Update: Made the sketch to add a diagonal line from top left to bottom right position, then fully defined that line, then used extrude with "through all" setting to make the taper. Also, corrected the hole placement. Thanks.