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Question asked by Brian Holmbeck on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by Brian Holmbeck

Is it possible to place a General Table into a view? See attachment. I want to place the table between a couple blank dimensions. The problem is when I move the view, the table does not move. I'm assuming since the table is in the feature tree at the same level as the view, it cannot be done. I've also tried dragging the general table feature onto the view feature.
Sure, I can place the table in a corner and have notes for the dimensions saying to look for the table, but I prefer placing information where the dimensions are so a person does not have to look elsewhere on a drawing. I also place as many notes with the dimensions they belong with rather than making a person look elsewhere in a notes column. I find it easier and more efficient to read a drawing.

If no one has a solution, I will submit an enhancement request.