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New computer, Vista64, sw2009, couple quirks

Question asked by Whit Elliott on Apr 9, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2009 by Whit Elliott
Just got a new computer from Xi, Vista64 with SW2009sp3. My old computer dies a sudden death so I was unable to copy settings from it. Being somewhat new to 2009 I spent some time at home setting up templates and setting the System Options from scratch. Things at home XP32 SW09sp3 seem fine and I have all my options where I want them. I did a copy settings, brought them and all my templates from home, loaded the settings at work and corrected the ones I new to correct (different drive letters/locations)<br /><br />Anyway I created a part with an array of hole wizard holes, in the drawing I place a hole callout, it populates just the numbers, no text (<<MOD-DIAM>.323<HOLE-DEPTH>1.509<MOD-DIAM><DIM><HOLE-SINK><MOD-DIAM>.581 X 90°<MOD-DIAM>.531<HOLE-DEPTH>.600) No THRU ALL, no TAP, just numbers and symbols. I made sure the Hole callout Format File is pointing to \lang\englist (where calloutformat.txt lives) still no text.<br /><br />Also when I place a Datum or GDT symbol on a part edge in the drawing, I'm unable to move it, select it, or edit it. And if I go to RMB>Edit Sheet Format then back to Edit Sheet these symbols just disappear, though if they were placed on a crosshatch the hatching is whited-out where sthe symbol was.<br /><br />Any ideas about the hole callout and/or the symbol issue?<br /><br />Thanks<br />